Mystery Color Printed Cork Tag 10-Pack

Mystery Color Printed Cork Tag 10-Pack

The Heartwood and Hide Company
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What we can confirm: If you purchase this listing, you will receive a bag filled with 10 random tags. They will be cork. They will have a UV printed graphic on them.
Again...  they will be RANDOM.

That's it. 
That's all you've got to go on. 😘💋😘

(But the price point on these mystery tags is EXCELLENT.) 

Each pack will contain the following:

  • 10 RANDOM color printed cork tags - different sizes, different material base colors, different graphics and sayings. 

Additional Details:

  • UV Color Printed Graphics
  • Material: Cork
  • Width: WILL VARY
  • Height: WILL VARY
  • Seam allowance: No less than 3/16 inch on any side

Product Handling Details:

  • Do not sharply fold or crease, as the ink can crack if material is sharply creased "right sides together". Slight bending for tag placement or bag turning is perfectly fine!