Laser Engraved Tag Information & Pricing

Thank you for your interest in our laser engraved tag options. In order to better assist you, please note the following information:

I use my laser to cut and engrave tags onto leather, cork, and faux leather. I have several standard colors of leather that I always have, and will do some limited time offerings of colors that I hand dye myself.
If you have a logo, I can attempt to engrave it into the leather, cork, or faux leather. If not, I can design one for you for a design fee.
If they are not too complex in design (more complex = more laser time), then they are:

The following is our pricing structure for laser engraved tags. Minimum total tag order is 25 tags. You can mix and match material bases in multiples of 5 to reach the 25 tag minimum and the 50+ tag price break.

25-45 Total Tags 50+ Total Tags
Leather $2.00 per tag $1.85 per tag
Cork $1.65 per tag $1.50 per tag
Faux Leather $1.40 per tag $1.25 per tag


You can access all my current material & color options by clicking Engraved Tag Color Options at the top of the page (make sure to scroll down for all the options):

The Heartwood and Hide Company LLC will work with a logo/design that you provide. We may need to alter your logo/design to work best with our laser engraver and will only do so with your consent. The customer takes sole responsibility of legal use for the logo/design they provide.